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Samstag – live Musik mit Rico Bowen

Rico Bowen
Based on the last few years of transitions and changes in the Singer/Songwriters life,
 Rico Bowen has compelled after a three year hiatus from songwriting to write and
composed a whole new collection of works that appeals to the soul and the heart. As an
established side musicians for many well known Artists such as Madonna, Julian
Lennon, Deelite and Blondie for many years, Bowen released musical material with the
Funk Rock Pop band “Crusher Jones” for Chivo Records in 2008, enjoying success with
the single “Love is Gone” and “She likes to Party”, Bowen decided to take some time off
and relocated himself to Hamburg, Germany after hearing many good things about the
city from fellow music industry colleagues.
Rico Bowen’s music and sounds, focuses on the many elements that everyone must deal with in a relationship. The general theme of love, heartache and strength that possesses in everyday life. A deep history into the insight of the human art and reason.
“I hope every listener enjoy’s and take something out of these songs, because I feel every
one can relate to the message that were sending out to the world” – Rico Bowen

Beginn ca. 22 Uhr, der Eintritt ist frei, es geht ein Hut rum!

Datum: 27/02/2016 | Uhrzeit: 22:00 Uhr