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Samstag – live-Musik mit Brendan Lewes


Brendan Lewes is a singer/songwriter from the North West of England. Having taken several leafs out of the old songbooks of the revival singers such as Dylan, Simon, and Paxton, Brendan seeks to emulate the Macmillan Dictionary definition of folk music by singing “a modern popular song developed from traditional songs that has a simple tune and is played on a guitar”. Lately mixing in harmonica harmonies as well as guitar and vocal loops to his own rhythm section Brendan provides a unique mix of acoustic timbres, harmonica wails and vocal howls strongly grounded in a simple tune.

Beginn ca. 22 Uhr, der Eintritt ist frei, es geht ein Hut rum!

Datum: 14/05/2016 | Uhrzeit: 22:00 Uhr